Three humans, one animal. Or four animals. The distinctions are blurred in this mixed-discipline, devised theatrical presentation based on the story of a non-traditional family unit. Two women in a romantic, sexual relationship and a man in a romantic, platonic relationship with one of the women, and a trying, but often affectionate, relationship with the other. And all of them in relationship with the household pet: a rescue, mixed-breed dog named Daisy. Through the original text and new material crafted in workshop, Behaymas is a visceral representation of domesticity, loneliness, and societal constructions of family. 

The work originated as experimental short story but we have transformed it, through several workshops, into a series of theatrical vignettes linked by these characters, the space and time they inhabit, and what emerges from their domestic life.

*translation from Yiddish: animals (literally and colloquially)


Director - Emily Ritger

Playwright - Aliza Bartfield

Ensemble - Anne Walaszek, Mike Brunlieb, Talia Langman, Jana Ross